Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 22~Saya Blogger Kapoww!~

Alright,so i'm just wandering around here actually.Oh yeah! this entry about i'm joining a contest at my friend's blog Yana.Want to know why i join this club?I mean this contest.My blog is still lacking of follower and also visitor.Sometimes i get envy of blog that many followers,famous, many visitors on their blog,smart and cool widget.Damn!haha...Just now at evening,Yana told me about this contest at Facebook.She said that she can review our blog and promote it.That's sounds great and without wasting my time, i doing this entry.Before that,let me introduce myself first.

Name:Danial Dhamiri
Date of Birth:12 July 1992
Blog Title:Dan-e

Okay,next about my opinion about Yana's blog.Are you sure Yana?that u want to know my comment.Well,i guess there is no choice then.I think that Yana have a lovely pink colour blog.Nice header,nice graphic,and nice widget.The widget also managed well.Plus,her blog got energy saving mode.That's cool isn't it?Beautiful blog as well as the owner too.She's cute blogger.She older a year than me.I guess that's all for my entry now.Thanks a lot Yana.. :D

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