Friday, March 18, 2011

Chapter 21~Glad to Hear Britain Music~

Okay,shall we start now guys?Here we go.Firstly, just want to say hi and it's been a long time i didn't update any new post.So i got something for y'all.Still about music (well,since small i love music especially the band stuff).Here i'm gonna tell you about a band of course,A britain band called Beady Eye.Have u heard this band before?maybe not but u all must know Oasis didn't ya?FYI,all Beady Eye were former members of Oasis.Beady Eye is an english band and formed in 2009 following the exit of Noel Gallagher.Beady Eye was formed by the other three core members of the 1999-2009 incarnation of Oasis.The members,singer Liam Gallagher,guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell together with the live drummer Chris Sharrock who became a full time member of the new group.Their genre music Rock,Indie rock.Their first album was released in 2010 and his album name's Different Gear,Still Speeding.Their record label at UK and Ireland that name was Beady Eye Records.In US,their label was Dangerbird Records.Here's some picture of Beady Eye members.

Guys,this is Beady Eye.

The Members of the band

Liam Gallagher(vocals,harmonica)

Gem Archer(Guitarist,backing vocals,bass keyboard)

Andy Bell(guitar,bassist,backing vocals)

Chris Sharrock(drummer)

-Bring the Light(2010)
:This song charted at number 61 on the UK singles chart,topping the indie and rock charts

-Four Letter Word(2011)
:was release on 26 december 2010 and available to listen on

-The Roller(2011)
was announced as the band's first commercial single and got its first airplay on Xfm on 7 January 2011.

List of Songs

-Beatles and Stones
-Bring the Light
-For Anyone
-Four Letter word
-Kill for a dream
-Man of Misery
-Standing of the Edge of the Noise
-The Beat goes on
-The Morning Son
-The Roller
-Three King Circus
-Two of a Kind
-Wind up Dream
-World Outside my Room


- FYI,this band has been nominated for NME awards in annual music award show and they been nominated as Best New Band.

I guess that's all i want to tell you about.Anything else u want to know just search google okay and sorry if any mistakes that i did in this post.I'm just an amateur blogger here.Actually,it's really interesting for me especially music!they indie band guys,so amazing aren't they?I love indie band music because they have many varieties of music genres.I hope that my country that i live on,Malaysia..Support our local band yo! It's not a big crime for us to being die hard fan of foreign music but local music is first to support guys.Local music is our priorities..Without fans,there will be no artist,no musicians like now.Peace!

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