Friday, May 6, 2011

Chapter 25~Vlogging yo!....~

wassup peeps!are u havin' great day today or bad day?ahhh!never mind.ok here we go!back to the topics i want to say right now,i mean type.. ok,about this topic actually about vlogging.Vlogging or Video blogging is a form of blogging which the medium is video and a form of Internet Television.
Entry often combine video or video link with supporting text images and other metadata.Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.Vlogging usually popular at Youtube site.. At Malaysia,we have a few person that well known from vlogging but before that actually i really interested with vlogging and i think i want make some if i could.Don't u think so guys? ohh no!haha

This is Vloggers that famous in Malaysia

Maria Elena

-Famous with her shawl.look great on her, that's cute.. her youtube channel called shortnap.if you free,have a look of her video.the video most i like was K.O. Karaoke..her facebook page just search Maria Elena is Greek Helen.

this is Anwar Hadi.he is the first vlogger i know first.he's pretty awesome with his english pronouncation.pretty cool yo!he's very cheerful,funny but at the same time he's really patriotism.Negarakuu!haha,awesome.His youtube channel inianwarhadi.Don't forget to check it out okay.

last one is Matluthfi.this is the other one that his video that really make my day.he also make a video for his sweet,i never do that before but i will someday.okay,this guys also funny and really love music.yeah,same with me.High 5 bro!.. want to check it out his at youtube matluthi90.

that's all for now guys.hope u guys enjoyed it.and thanks to all of you because spend some time to read my blog.don't forget to comment and follow my blog ok.i'll follow u back... ehh!lupa pulak cheq nak habaq kat sumo.kalau hang nak tau si Anwarhadi dgn Matluthfi ni orang utara.haha,perasan cakap utara pula!tapi Maria Elena not sure sangat orang mana sebab tak tengok sangat video dia but akan tengok juga. si Anwarhadi and Matluthfi ni peminat band Hujan tu.aku pun die hard fan band Hujan.tak sangka sama minat kan?hahaha :P ... okay guys,see ya!

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