Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chapter 9:~Sayonara Sem 1..Konichiwa Sem 2..

Konichiwa!haha...speaking jepun pulak aku ni..haha..ok,actually i just wandering around here and don't know what to type about of but suddenly the lamp come over my head..TINGG!!ahaa!!i got an idea..haha...so i post about my life at college.Here's the thing.when i was in sem 1.i actually feel not comfortable with the things around me..i mean the environment..LOL!..then when i got some new friends.they make my life colourful...so i really happy about that..many things that i've been through along sem 1.(don't ask me what?haha)..they really make my life happening..hehe.. Here' some pics of my college...

this is my college.KYM International..wow!haha...and i learn more about photographing, TV broadcasting,script writing and all about media.At college i take Media Technology courses because i think it really interesting though..and i got some my collegues pics.although they look crazy sometimes but they really amusing..haha..

from left Andrew,Safiq,Ash,Me and Kenny

Safiq n Aemy...Hensem kan?haha

Three Stooges..haha..Din,Safiq and Ash

Aemy and Me..LOL!

Me and Safiq.what a style..haha

so only this pics i got..actually,i got many friends at college but only this that i can show it..haha
so i hope that u enjoy reading it..ok..SEE YA!.. :)....
(i just don't have idea whot to type,so it ends here...)

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