Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chapter 20~It's Been A long time,Breakdance~

Hey guys,firstly i want to say Happy March because already 1st March 2011 already so without wasting time this topic about breakdance and why did i said it's been a long time at the title post just now?it's because it's been a long time period i'm not practising breakdance because at first i'm busy with work after finish my SPM,and then i continued my studies at college so there's no time to practice unless semester break.but still remember the step of the dance.Let me tell u a bit of breakdance.

this is what we call Handstand.

there are 4 important element in breakdance :

-This steps performed from a standing position.Usually all bboy(dancers)
starts their battle with this step dance.Toprock also can draw with another dance styles such as popping,locking,or house dance.For beginners usually start with toprock first

-Also known as footwork or floorwork.This step is movement on the floor with hands supporting the dancers and also the feet.

3)Power Moves
-Power moves are acrobatic moves that require momentum,speed,endurance strength and control to execute.This move also take from a gymnastic.the example of the powermove is windmill,swipe,flare and any other power moves.

-Freeze are stylish poses,more difficult require the breaker to suspend themselves off the ground using upper body.They emphasize strong beats in the music and this step dance often be a signal at the end of the battle.

this is the example of breakdance battle.

I forgot to told u all something.The dancer on breakdance we call them Bboy(for boy) and B-girl(for girl) and also Breakers.Breakdance one of the element of hip hop.i post about this topic because i've learn this dance before but not practising it.I hope that i can spend my time to practising.There's a lot more things i have to improve.Hope u all enjoy it.Sorry if any mistakes in this post.Just want to share my experience about breakdance with u all. Any questions u can ask me and add me at facebook. Thanks :)

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