Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chapter 28~Happy Birthday to ??

yo wassup y'all.what u all doin' right now?havin' a great day or bad day?those who's havin bad day,don't give up okay.. right now i've been thinking how to improve my blog and also widget to decorate my blog become smart but my blog still the dumbest blog i think.without wasting my time,this chapter i'm gonna talk about birthday.Birthday means day of our birth.i'm born on 12 July.Yes,totally july,what a great my family,majority of them born on october and also march but i'm the only one born on july.Sometimes feel sad though but at the same time i'm proud of it because i think it makes me special.. (not the OKU okay).. so i'm getting older and older.what?i'm still young and still handsome. :P but the important things is getting forward in my life,improve myself from doing the same mistakes because people always doing the same mistakes again and again without they realise.i hope that i can improve that i'm lacking of.cheers :)

so happy birthday to me..thanks to my family especially my dad for buy me a pizza.i thought a cake but nevermind.i love pizza and i got free call and call the VIP person..haha,Thanks to them that spend their time for answering my free call during my birthday.. :D

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