Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 47 :2013,Snake Year

Hey,wassup?I know i didn't post for a long time and i'm really apologise for that.I'm kinda busy for my task,classes and got many outdoor activities. Ok,first of all, this new year of 2013 for me it's ok for now. Got many friends cheers me up.

Okay,for this February,tomorrow 10 February Malaysia will celebrate Chinese New Years for this year. This year is Snake Year.yeah,same with my mom.My mom also born on Snake Years too.Well i guess they artistic then.

I'm also don't have any time to spend time with my friends at Klang because i really busy.But i will try to kill some time to spend with them.

So i guess Happy Chinese New Year 2013.May this year bring Happiness and Glory to all my chinese friends.. I miss them so much,It's been a long time i didn't see them. so have fun :) 

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