Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chapter 48 : Follow the flow,Follow the trend

Hello everybody,here goes me with my new entry post of my blog and yeah i'm kinda busy lately because got to focus my work actually.
Trend? What is trend? yeah, trend also can refer in fashion mostly and also culture and many others. So we already know that end of 2012 till early 2013 we know that Gangnam Style dance was the most famous that period but it's overtaken by Harlem Shake dance. Yeah,that crazy wild party dance like. It's all begin from Youtube.

The Harlem Shake is an internet meme in the form of video which a group of people perform a comedy sketch accompanied with the Harlem Shake songs. Harlem Shake become a viral trend when when established by five teenagers from Queensbay,Australia on February 2013 and more people replicated the video and do the dance and upload their own version makes Harlem Shake become a trend.

                                               Harlem Shake dance 

And now in April 2013 another trend comes arrive so quickly and overtake the Harlem Shake . The "Gwiyomi Player" was mostly recreated by teenage girls from Southeast Asia, where the K-pop music genre has a huge and loyal fanbase.

Gwiyomi which means “cutie” in Korean, is a song sung with a child like voice singer Hari.
Basically follow the moves to the chorus (below)
hannun paljima nuga mworaedo naekkeo (naekkeo)
dareun yeojarang maldo seokkjima nan nikkeo (nan nikkeo)
saekki songarak geolgo kkok yaksokhaejwoyo
jeoldae na honja naebeoryeo duji ankiro
ildeo hagi ileun gwiyomi, ideo hagi ineun gwiyomi
samdeo hagi sameun gwiyomi, gwigwi gwiyomi gwigwi gwiyomi
sadeo hagi sado gwiyomi, odeo hagi odo gwiyomi
yukdeo hagi yugeun jjokjjokjjokjjokjjokjjok gwiyomi nan gwiyomi
and act cute! Because Gwiyomi means cutie.
It's already been hit at Korea since last year but Thai's girl make it become a viral trend right now and been followed by Philipines and also in Malaysia.  

On February 18, 2013, a song called the "Gwiyomi song" was released by South Korean singer Hari. The song was inspired by Jung Ilhoon's 'Gwiyeomi Player'. 

It became popular after Jung Ilhoon himself, uploaded a cover video on his music label,Cube Entertaiment's YouTube channel, performing the gestures while singing the song with his own version of lyrics.This inspired many South Korean teenage girls to upload their own version of Gwiyomi on the Internet.

So which one of your trend huh? P/S - I heard that PSY just released his new single called 'Gentleman'

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